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Kitchen remodeling Los Angeles? The Kitchen as we know it is the heart of our home: The need for a place to gather as food is being prepared is an important part of our lives. At Fidelity General Contractors we are dedicated to have you welcome family and friend into your kitchen by creating a comfortable setting for all your needs.

Kitchen remodeling los angeles design today focuses on cooking and storage as well as on the entertainment aspect of it. In many kitchens, people park them-selves around the work area, leaning on countertops and cabinets that offer a good place to perch. In other kitchens, there’s peninsula or island with two or three bar stools that provides a place to sit down. For gathering places to be successful, they must be designed to keep the distance between all functions to a reasonable minimum, therefore communication between cook and kitchen visitor should be taken in mind when designing your kitchen.

Storage solutions must be incorporated in today kitchen’s design as it return your attention to preparing delicious meal while keeping countertops free of clutter, incorporating lazy susans and roll- out trays in your kitchen’s cabinetry will give you the easy access to small appliances while other storage solutions will free up your countertop and will give you a well designed kitchen that answers all aspects.

The traditional work triangle is build around “Centers” anchored by three major appliances.

What goes into the triangle?

  • Sink center: Focused around the sink, this combined food preparation and cleanup area also includes the dishwasher and recycling bins.
  • Refrigerator center: Usually included in the “tall” area of the kitchen.
  • Cooking center: Traditionally a unified range, the cooking center today is generally considered to be the stove top, even if the oven is elsewhere.

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Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles - What can I do?

As a tip it’s good to know that if your present kitchen’s triangle isn’t working for you, your most economical option may be to move the electrical components. It’s also good to know that a two –cook kitchen needs either an expanded triangle or, even better, a double triangle in which two or more people can cook in the kitchen simultaneously. In this configuration, the cooks share one leg of the primary and secondary triangles; but their triangles do not cross, so the cooks can work without bumping into each other. In less traditional kitchen’s design the triangle is not always incorporated as it based upon personal preferences and style.

Light your kitchen Right: With wide range of activities taking place at all hours of the day, kitchens have lighting needs that are far more complicated than those of any other room in the house. That means when it comes to kitchen lights, more are always better than fewer. Only by spreading fixtures throughout the space and arranging them in layers from the ceiling down to countertop level can you ensure enough light to keep your kitchen pleasant, safe and hygienic place. Lighting categories to keep in mind are: ambient, task and accent.

Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles - At Fidelity General Contractors we attend all aspects when designing your kitchen, keeping in mind up-to-date design techniques adding relevant style and maximizing your return on investment. See More of Our Lead Services:

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3D architectural simulation kitchen Remodeling 3D architectural simulation Kitchen remodeling

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