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When it comes to Bathrooms remodeling Los Angeles there are many approaches to go by: a vintage retreat, hotel luxury, country warmth, a spaciously cozy bathroom or design on a dime, these are only few of many ideas, styles and concepts available for your bathroom.

Stone, glass and metals are all used to create harmonious space that indulges the senses and body and serve to create a feeling of openness. With so many options including tile, natural stone, and the many innovations within the industry, bathrooms are becoming the choice place to for retreat and relaxation. As showers get more spacious, showerheads are becoming more luxurious providing innovative look at the luxury shower experience, transforming your daily
shower into an experience unlike any other. Some showerheads can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall by using a 90 degree shower arms other showerheads are designed to be nearly flush with the wall, ridding the shower space of the visual clutter, these “WaterTile”s can be arranged in almost any configuration: on the wall, on the ceiling or even at the intersection of the two, offers great technology and sleek design.

Bringing nature’s beauty into the home is a concept that has grown steadily in popularity, and the bathroom makes no exception. As architects and designers have created prettier spaces, manufactures have responded with products to go along. Whirlpool bath will allow you to enjoy the relaxation and therapeutic benefits that it provides. With many major elements in place, few more steps will add little extras that will turn your bathroom into a sanctuary. In addition to task lighting, install mood lighting in unexpected areas, perhaps above soffit, along with a wall light by the tub so you can read while you soak. Put all lights on dimmers so you can adjust brightness. Incorporating architectural elements and details in the design are another way to give the bathroom a more custom look as these great elements are layered by the different materials and textures.

Choosing the paint color for your bathroom is an individual choice. You might prefer deeper shades to give your bathroom a cloistered, den-like appeal, or gentle pastels to create an open, airy feeling, whatever your choice is, remember to make it personal. When choosing your bathroom design, remember to give consideration to the entire entity rather than one or two simple fixtures. What would make your shower experience complete? Slate, glass walls, perhaps travertine flooring? With such diverse products available, at Fidelity General Contractors our professional designers will ensure all your wants and needs met, and will help you finish your bathroom’s design.

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